1. Whose responsibility is it to raise money? 
a. It is the Development Director’s job
b. The Development Director and CEO
c. Development Director, CEO and Board working as a team
d. None of the above

2. What’s the best way to raise some fast cash?
a. Hold an event, preferably a dinner, lunch or reception at someone’s house
b. Get on Ellen or have another celebrity endorse the agency/get mentioned on a TV show
c.  Ask a large donor, with whom you have a very good relationship, for a gift to tide the organization over during a tough time
d. Write a really good pitch letter and send it to as many people/companies/foundations as possible
e. Other

3. The most important factor in fundraising is quantity. You just have to ask enough people and you’ll eventually get a yes.
a. Yes
b. No

4. People, companies and foundations give because they feel passionately about your mission.
a. True
b. False

Answer Key
1.Answer is d. All board and staff are responsible in some way for ensuring the success of the fundraising activity, including the program team. The Development Director leads and facilitates, but everyone has a role to play. 

2. Answer is e. This is a trick question. There are no quick fixes in fundraising. It takes time to research, plan, cultivate and secure funds. While some of these activities might work, there needs to be an overall fundraising strategy that ties back to the agency’s budget and goals.

3. Definitely b. It is critical to research donors and approach those who have a strategic fit with your mission.

4. Again – b. Foundations, corporations and individuals give for all kinds of reasons. Our job is to figure out why each donor gives and then tailor a cultivation strategy based on that knowledge.  

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